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Brigitte Giblin’s Quilts to France

Here is one last look at the 19 quilts ready for shipping.  It was quite daunting to put them into 2 big boxes, lined with garbage bags, and wait for the courier to collect them for shipping to France!

It’s one parcel I definitely tracked all the way to Quiltmania near Nantes in France.

They arrived safely and are being photographed by Guy for my book which is to be published by Quiltmania in April, ready for launching at the 2012 Salon-du-Fil event in Nantes.

Its all too exciting!! Can’t wait to go to Nantes!

I have finally bitten the “blogging” bullet and will upload some close-ups of the quilts in the weeks to come.

Hopefully I will get better at fixing the size of photos with practice.

Happy quilting.

Some of the 19 quilts, including “Baby Hexagon Quilt”,

“Tessellations II”,”Dancing Dollies Revisited” and “Hexagon and Blue Star Quilt”

Brigitte Giblin’s Quilts to France